Dieting and Nursing (By Billy Staggs Cahill RN Student)

When people think of a nurse, they automatically think of healthy; they seem to think a nurse eats healthy and properly. However, this isn’t always the case in America as we know — especially in today’s zippy world of fast – food.

Let us look at the reality of things:

When a mother of two children works two nursing jobs to make ends meet, where’s the time to cook a nutritious, healthy meal? More than likely, she stops at McDonalds every now and then to order up a fast meal. Being a nurse isn’t as easy as sitting behind a desk and charting all day! Nursing can be demanding, stressful and tiring — especially for a female nurse who has children.

Sometimes, eating right and healthy just isn’t in the cards for various days!

The big picture is, a nurse should practice eating healthier! After all, they are an example and symbol of good health. It can be very hard to pass up your favorite fast – food restaurant but with determination and discipline — it can be done! That is, if you really desire eating healthier as a nurse. Given the above example of a mother who works as a nurse, it still can be done! Again — that is, IF the nurse really desires to eat healthier.

Statistically, many male nurses workout at a local gym and seem to be a little more fit than some female nurses. People question why that is? Well, male nurses can be single and have NO children, married with no children or homosexual; there can be many explanations and scenarios why this could be, statistically.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase: Yes, a nurse really should be in good shape and eat healthier. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to some strict diet or starve yourself from the nutrients your body needs! It simply means, that a nurse, whether female or male should AT LEAST practice a healthy, nutritious and filling diet. In the medical profession, people look up to us, and YES — it’s true — as nurses we should try eating healthier. We need to be more wary of obesity in America and try setting good examples! Even if that means substituting a Butterfinger bar with an apple or delicious tuna fish sandwich — or — how about some sunflower seeds?


If you have no time — make time! It can be done! Manage your time, be a good example of healthy and think of a healthier you in the future!

*rant over* 🙂

-Billy Staggs Cahill