Learning the Elements one step at a time

The Elements I’m starting out with are common ones, that you may see on tests. This could vary, given all chemistry professors are different. 

Na – Sodium

Ag – Silver

Au – Gold

K – Potassium 

Cl – Chlorine

Mg – Magnesium

Ba – Barium

F – Fluorine

Fe – Iron

Xe – Xenon

Sn – Tin

Cu – Copper

H – Hydrogen

He – Helium

Ar – Argon

Co – Cobalt

C – Carbon

Fr – Francium

I – Iodine

Kr – Krypton

Pb – Lead

Li – Lithium

Ne – Neon

Ni – Nickel

Zn – Zinc

Al – Aluminum

I underlined the ones that you see mostly in the medical field give or take. 

The above elements are the ones I suggest learning first, as I find them easily remembered. It’s optional, really; you can learn whatever elements you choose first. I don’t advise trying to learn all of them at once, because cramming is NEVER good. I don’t recommend procrastinating either. You have to get yourself motivated and learn them. You’ll feel better if you do — and you will — especially if you have a chemistry class ahead in the foreseeable future.