Polyatomic Ions

     Poly – Many

      Atomic – Atoms

On your journey through Chemistry Health, you’ll come upon a dragon called Polyatomic Ions! Many students seem to have trouble with these, but really all it is — is — just a bundle of memorization. You have to find a pattern for your brain to absorb these. In my case — I just remember them by the numbers (exponents and subscripts) along with the “letters”. We’ll call them letters to be organized and for the sake of simplicity. Just remember them as you do anything else — perhaps as if they’re an algebra formula. They’re not! However, memorization is memorization! There’s NO need to fear Polyatomic Ions. 

Here is a list of Polyatomic Ions, however, my professor ONLY made us remember 21 of these!

ion list

My advice is study and memorize whatever x ions your professor gives you. They’re pretty easy to recall once you get several down in your mind. If you can get several down, you can get them ALL down! Later on, they could perhaps come in useful in your nursing career. 

Learning the Elements one step at a time

The Elements I’m starting out with are common ones, that you may see on tests. This could vary, given all chemistry professors are different. 

Na – Sodium

Ag – Silver

Au – Gold

K – Potassium 

Cl – Chlorine

Mg – Magnesium

Ba – Barium

F – Fluorine

Fe – Iron

Xe – Xenon

Sn – Tin

Cu – Copper

H – Hydrogen

He – Helium

Ar – Argon

Co – Cobalt

C – Carbon

Fr – Francium

I – Iodine

Kr – Krypton

Pb – Lead

Li – Lithium

Ne – Neon

Ni – Nickel

Zn – Zinc

Al – Aluminum

I underlined the ones that you see mostly in the medical field give or take. 

The above elements are the ones I suggest learning first, as I find them easily remembered. It’s optional, really; you can learn whatever elements you choose first. I don’t advise trying to learn all of them at once, because cramming is NEVER good. I don’t recommend procrastinating either. You have to get yourself motivated and learn them. You’ll feel better if you do — and you will — especially if you have a chemistry class ahead in the foreseeable future.